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Appliqué Quilt Patterns

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Bargello Flowers Applique Quilt PatternApplique quilt patterns are a category of patterns where one cuts out certain shapes and sews them in place on another piece of fabric.  The applique technique has been around for many years.  A simple example of applique is the first American flag, when Betsy Ross sewed the thirteen five-pointed stars on the blue upper-left corner.  This applique quilt pattern of sewing stars on another larger fabric is one of many different types of applique.

Bunny & Egg Applique Quilt PatternMany quilters prefer the applique quilting technique over traditional piecing as it offers the quilter more freedom and the patterns do not need to be exact.  Many quilters substitute the designs in the printed applique quilt pattern with their own to give their quilts more character.  Quilters often find certain fabrics to add color and character to the finished quilt, almost as if they are painting with cut fabric pieces.  For example, one may use a red pokadot fabric print for the flower pedals, a batik for the grass, and a hand-dyed blue fabric for the sky.

Love Applique Quilt PatternThere are a variety of applique quilt patterns.  Many nature and landscape art quilts use applique to depict various scenes.  Machine or hand quilting is used to give shadows and depth to the areas where the pieces have been appliqued on to the back of the quilt.  Some quilters use a special fabric glue to apply their cut out pieces on the fabric instead of sewing them on initially, allowing them to work more quickly and be more creative with their applique quilt designs.

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